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At Alpine Fireside Health Center (AFHC), we care about your family member like he is our own family member.  This has been the ground philosophy in place since the beginning, and the managers and staff have taken on this value as their own as they treat each resident like their own mom or dad. This philosophy is seen in our motto, "Family Taking Care of Family."

AFHC is a family-owned and family-run nursing home, located in Rockford, Illinois, and built in 1972 by Johannes Øksnevad.  Both the founder and his wife Gunlaug have resided at AFHC, and his son Gordon is the current administrator.  Gordon runs the home and makes the decisions from his on-site office, unlike many nursing homes that have their decisions made for them from large out-of-state corporations. 

AFHC, rated a 5-star nursing home in 2003 by the Rockford Register Star, has a small family feel about it, from the nursing staff that steps above and beyond the call of duty to make each resident comfortable, to the warm and cozy feel of the central fireplace that is the centerpiece of the lobby.

Whether you are looking for a place to stay for a short time as you recover from the hospital in rehabilitation or you are looking for a long-term home for your family member to live at, AFHC has a spot in our family just for you!