Facility Programs and Services

Facility Programs and Services

The Alpine Fireside staff is an interdisciplinary team, each member bringing their professional knowledge and experience to develop personalized care, services, and programs to meet the needs of each resident.

Nursing Services

The nursing department, led by a Director of Nursing (under direct supervision of the medical director), evaluates plans and implements nursing services to meet the medical needs of the resident.  In addition to providing care to residents, the professional, licensed nursing staff provides education for residents and family members to increase their understanding and involvement in personal medical care.


Certified Nurses Aides are specially trained to assist residents with Activities of Daily Living (ADL); aiding in bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, ambulating, and assisting in maintaining clean, well groomed individual.  Daily contact with residents, allows the CNA to assist in identifying any physical or emotional changes in ADL.


The dietary department, under the direction of a Licensed Dietitian, prepares and serves nutritionally balanced meals in accordance with physician diet orders and resident preferences.  Dietary staff strives to provide meals in a home-like environment by having sit-down, restaurant-style dining.   Family members are encouraged to make reservations for dining while visiting.  Meal tickets may be purchased at the front office.

Social Services

Resident Advocate is the primary role of the Director of Social Services.  Each resident is assessed to accurately identify individual needs and provide or obtain services to ensure a high quality of life. Services include referrals to community resources, assistance with advance directives, personal shopping, resident education, discharge planning, and interventions as needed to address overall psychosocial well being. 

Care Plan Conferences

In accordance with Federal OBRA guidelines, the resident’s needs will be formally assess upon admission, quarterly thereafter and as the resident’s condition changes.  Following these assessments, conferences will be held with the resident and/or designated representative to discuss and develop a plan of care.  Resident and representative involvement is vital to developing and implementing a plan to meet the needs protocol successfully.  Notices of the date and time of meeting will be given or mailed in advance to the resident and designated representative.


Activities are led by a certified Activity Director.  The director is specifically trained to assess, plan, and implement individual and group activities meeting social, recreational and physical needs of each resident.  Trained staff assists in activities such as BINGO, crafts, and special entertainment.  Community outings, river boat rides, shopping trips and sporting events are made possible in a wheelchair accessible mini bus.  Activities are modified for all ability levels. Calendars are posted in each resident's room detailing upcoming activities.

Resident Council

Resident Council meets monthly to provide residents an avenue to take a meaningful part in the planning an implementing of facility activities, policies, and programs that are of vital interest to the resident and elected resident board.  All residents are automatically members and are encouraged to attend.  Family members and resident representatives are invited to attend as well.  Council is a forum for taking an active role in the Alpine Fireside community, influencing change, and planning activities and service projects, also presenting an opportunity to learn from speakers on various topics.  The Resident Council is facilitated by the Activity Department and minutes are available to review following the meeting. Family Councils are also held.

Rehabilitation Service

Therapy, physical, occupational, and speech, is available through our nursing department Monday through Friday, as well as by a contracted company and billed to Medicare Parts A and B and private insurance.  Restorative Nursing is offered seven days and is included in the daily room rate.

Medical/Dental Services

Care for each resident is directed by a physician and carried out by Alpine Fireside’s nursing staff.  Each resident is able to remain under the care of their own personal physician.  The physician must be willing to provide service at the nursing home or family must be willing to accompany and/or transport the resident to/from appointments as needed.   Regulations require all intermediate residents to be seen by their physician at least once every sixty (60) days and shelter care residents to be seen as needed.  Alpine Fireside will provide assistance in selecting a doctor if the resident chooses to rely on the services of a physician that will attend them at the facility.

In the same manner, dental needs may be met by the resident retaining their present dentist, or Alpine Fireside will assist in making arrangement to send the resident to a dentist if they do not currently have one.

Maintenance/Housekeeping and Laundry

The Director of Environmental Services in cooperation with the Director of Nursing, maintain overall cleanliness of facility, resident rooms and facility linens.  Resident laundry services are available for a monthly fee.

Resident Funds/Allowances

At the time of admission, each resident is given the opportunity to open a non-interest bearing personal fund account to be used at the resident’s discretion.   With written authorization from the resident / resident representative, the facility may accept funds up to the amount of $50.00, for safe keeping and managing. 

Pastoral Care

Alpine Fireside makes available the option of pastoral care for each resident.  Information is gathered from the individual or a family member regarding religion, preferred place of worship, and visitation information authorization to be given to clergy/church representative.  The facility also provides daily devotions, weekly rosary, and special programs sponsored by religious organizations such as Salvation Army.  The information will guide the staff in developing a plan to insure that the resident’s spiritual needs are met.

Customer Service

It is the policy of Alpine Fireside to conduct routine customer service interviews with residents and families to maintain high standards of quality care and to continue to develop programs to meet their needs.  Input is important and is encouraged.